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We offer a variety of training options to fit your immediate and future business needs. Whether you have a small group or large group, we can provide the solutions and training topics that are just right for your business.

Change Management
Communication Enhancement
Problem Solving

Change is inevitable if you want to sustain growth and many businesses struggle with change. We can provide the tools to help in adapting to an ever changing marketplace and workforce.

If you ask most companies their biggest challenges, communication is often top of the list. The most challenging being between functions of the company. We will take a deep dive into  DISC to help management and employees understand how to best communicate with one another. These tools will encourage team building and collective problem solving leading to improved communication and workflow throughout the organization.

There are many techniques to problem solving.  We will provide training using an actual challenge that your company is currently trying to solve. We will impart to employees some appropriate tools that they can use for such an issue, some of which include the Five Whys, Fishbone Diagram, and Six Sigma.

New Managers and Supervisors Training

So you have a great employee and you just made them a supervisor. Many companies do this and expect them to be a great supervisor without providing the tools and knowledge of managing operations and people. This training is to provide the tools to ensure retention and efficiency.

Other group training available
  • Time Management /Getting Organized

  • Workplace Place Professionalism

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Building Team Trust

  • Conflict Management

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